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Aaslund, M.K., S142 (P-426)

Abarca, J.M., S79 (P-194), S80 (P-195)

Abbasinazari, M., S210 (P-691), S50 (P-085)

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Abizanda, P., S157 (P-485), S203 (P-661),

S4 (O-012)

Abousaad, Amal, S152 (P-463)

Abraha, I., S5 (O-016)

Abrahamowicz, M., S223 (P-739)

Abreu, M., S127 (P-368)

AbuNajma, F., S207 (P-678)

Abyad, A., S88 (P-228)

Acharath valappil, S., S226 (P-747),

S47 (P-075)

Achterberg, W., S146 (P-442)

Achterberg, W.P., S150 (P-454)

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Adam, I., S82 (P-205)

Adam, S., S135 (P-397), S194 (P-627)

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Aelbrecht, S., S91 (P-238)

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Afonso, C., S205 (P-669), S55 (P-103)

Afonso, G., S151 (P-461), S151 (P-462),

S154 (P-474)

Agmon, M., S109 (P-303)

Agorastos, A., S77 (P-185), S77 (P-186)

Agripino, A., S149 (P-453)

Aguiar, D., S45 (P-064)

Aguirre, C., S253 (P-851)

Ainis, A., S97 (P-260)

Airoldi, C., S56 (P-105)

Akasaka, H., S214 (P-705)

Akasheva, D.U., S113 (P-320)

Akcan, T., S124 (P-356)

Akin, S., S130 (P-380)

Akintade, O., S106 (P-293)

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Akkermans, R., S22 (O-076), S251 (P-843)

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Al husami, M., S226 (P-747)

Al Obaidely, M., S207 (P-678)

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Al tamimi, G., S226 (P-747)

Alam, W., S170 (P-535)

Alamri, S.H., S259 (LB-8), S259 (LB-8),

S259 (LB-8), S259 (LB-8), S259 (LB-8),

S259 (LB-8), S259 (LB-8), S259 (LB-8),

S259 (LB-8)

Alarcão, V., S188 (P-604), S4 (O-014)

Alarcón, T., S101 (P-271), S85 (P-217),

S123 (P-355), S197 (P-639), S249 (P-836)

Albanese, L., S193 (P-623)

Albayrak, O., S52 (P-090)

Alberca, D., S178 (P-566), S98 (P-261),

S241 (P-804)

Albuquerque, T., S203 (P-662)

Alcalde-Tirado, P., S140 (P-419)

Alcantud Ibañez, M., S177 (P-564)

Alcantud, M., S177 (P-563)

Alda, M.C.M., S221 (P-732)

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S166 (P-520), S197 (P-636), S210 (P-689),

S211 (P-693)

Alexander, K., S89 (P-231)

Alexandre, J., S84 (P-213), S85 (P-214)

Alfaro, A., S122 (P-352)

Alg, G.S., S19 (O-065), S247 (P-829)

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Alhamad, H., S170 (P-535)

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S259 (LB-8), S259 (LB-8), S259 (LB-8),

S259 (LB-8), S259 (LB-8), S259 (LB-8)

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Ali, Delavar, S159 (P-493)

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S80 (P-197), S90 (P-232)

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Allan, C., S140 (P-417)

Allavena, C., S14 (O-049), S172 (P-542)

Allenet, B., S242 (P-807), S242 (P-808)

Allepaerts, S., S132 (P-386), S194 (P-628),

S252 (P-846)

Allex, B., S185 (P-594)

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Almeida, A.F.F., S42 (P-052)

Almeida, J., S213 (P-701)

Almeida, M.C., S58 (P-113)

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Almeida, S.V., S191 (P-616)

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Aloe, R., S67 (P-146)

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Alsalami, N., S170 (P-535)

Altug, F., S143 (P-430)

Álvares, L., S205 (P-669)

Álvarez Hernandez, J., S201 (P-655)

Álvarez Nebreda, M.L., S22 (O-077)

Alvero-Cruz, J.R., S192 (P-620), S193 (P-621)

Alves, A.R., S166 (P-518)

Alves, G., S97 (P-258)

Alves, L., S58 (P-112)

Alves, S., S184 (P-590)

Alvira Rasal, B., S212 (P-699), S51 (P-087)

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S231 (P-764)

Andersen, S., S18 (O-060)

Andersen, S.E., S236 (P-785)

Anderson, J., S105 (P-287)

Anderson, L., S135 (P-400)

Andrade Starling, M., S9 (O-028)

Andrade, L., S195 (P-629)

Andreu, N., S209 (P-684)

Andueza, E., S115 (P-325)

Anens, E., S2 (O-06)

Angela, Juez Jimenez, S81 (P-202)

Angleitner, C., S141 (P-420)

Anrys, P., S169 (P-530), S87 (P-223)

Ansari, K., S135 (P-400)

Anton, I., S115 (P-325)

Antón, M.S., S212 (P-698)

Antunes, A.M., S174 (P-549)

Antunes, M., S161 (P-501), S75 (P-175),

S75 (P-176), S198 (P-642), S203 (P-662)

Anwar, A., S140 (P-417)

Apolinario, D., S29 (P-002), S34 (P-021),

S80 (P-197), S90 (P-232)

Apóstolo, J., S115 (P-328)

Appelros, P., S36 (P-030)

Aquata, A., S19 (O-065)

Aquatan, A., S140 (P-417)

Aragão, A., S165 (P-517), S43 (P-056),

S166 (P-518)

Arai, H., S128 (P-373), S8 (O-027)

Arai, K., S165 (P-516), S213 (P-700)

Araki, A., S136 (P-401), S4 (O-013)

Arana, L.F., S79 (P-194), S80 (P-195)

Aranda-Reneo, I., S203 (P-661), S4 (O-012)

Arango, C., S228 (P-753)

Araujo Torres, K., S201 (P-655)

Araujo, A., S141 (P-421)

European Geriatric Medicine 7S1 (2016) S261 S281

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